Committed to building sustainable communities.

We know that building with sustainability in mind. And that Green values such as energy efficiency and sustainability are built into every home. It’s FRAM + Slokker's heritage to care about the environment. Our “Ultimate Living Environment” philosophy has been at the core of all our developments since the 1980s. Today the Green values we endorse, are what modern, environmentally-conscious consumers crave.

Whether it’s a floor made from a rapidly renewable resource, such as cork, glass tiles manufactured with recycled content, or the many energy and water saving opportunities we offer as homebuyer options, all are selected on the basis of their sustainability and being environmentally sound. FRAM + Slokker's Green Choice is a good choice for you, for the planet, for everyone.

FRAM + Slokker is a member of the Canadian Green Building Council ( CAGBC). We have currently a number of buildings being built to LEED standards.